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All Ember


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by Kierstin Bridger
ISBN:978-1988214115 (paperback)
Page Count: 110 pages
Release Date: November 2016

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In lyric work that spans the oil fields of Colorado to the hollers of Kentucky, Bridger's All Ember pulls us through the burning embers of life itself. In these poems forests and bodies sing the rhythms of creation and offer up the vistas life affords us all. It is a gritty and truthful ode from roots that dig deep into the earth itself.

About the Author

Kierstin Bridger is a Colorado writer and author of Demimonde (Lithic Press 2016). Winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, the 2015 ACC Writer's Studio award, an Anne LaBastille Poetry residency and short-listed for the Manchester Poetry Competition in the UK, Bridger is editor of Ridgway Alley Poems and Co-Director of Open Bard Poetry Series. She earned her MFA at Pacific University

Praise for All Ember:

"Bridger, crafts for us a world that is filled with the memory of youth and its long reach into adulthood. These poems are crafted by a mother, a daughter, a woman whose vision is of the interwoven, the profound, the sacred, and the impure. These poems take us from Kentucky to Colorado, from oil field to basketball court, from savory to sweet. She does what all great poets do, she moves her readers through fire, aching and fear toward healing. All Ember is, at its core, a series of odes to the body; Bridger, brings the feminine, the feminist and the female into a brilliant and inexhaustible light. Her sensory gifts are on full display in every poem; coupled with her brilliant ear, the succinct and subtle tones of these poems are unique and universal." - aaron a. abeyta winner of the American Book Award and the Colorado Book Award for Colcha:

"Gorgeous, erudite and honest and... buxom. Electric with life really." -Lisa Allen Ortiz Author of Guide to The Exhibit Winner of the Perguia Press Award

"My feeling about Kierstin has been, from the first, that in being unafraid to speak the truth for and about herself, she has grown into a poet who is able, as real poets must, to speak for all of the rest of us as well." - David St. John author of New and Selected Poems nominated for the National book Award

"In All Ember, Kierstin Bridger charts the course by dropping not breadcrumbs (we know how that one turned out), but hot, glowing coals. This elegant and gritty collection defies the three-part journey of the elevated, armored hero-bowing instead to daughters deep in moist forest duff, a way toward love that is not sailed, but crawled." - Amy Irvine, Trespass winner the Colorado Book Award