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The Way to Go Home


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by Catharine Leggett
ISBN: 978-1-988214-14-6 (paperback)
384 pages

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A horseback riding accident in June, 1973 leaves Buddy Scott, the central character in The Way to Go Home, with a broken body in a remote ravine. As he awaits rescue, thinking that his life is about to end, his mind wanders into his past. His journey began at age thirteen, when he was suddenly orphaned along with eight other siblings. Unable to keep their Wyoming ranch, Buddy and his older brother, Ray, stay with an uncle, which turns out to be a harrowing ordeal that ends with them running away. What ensues is a road-adventure story that crosses the United States over a period of years. As drifters, Buddy and Ray encounter a host of engaging and unusual characters—from the poorest to the most elite, from shysters and connivers to decent folk. When Ray leaves to go back to the west, Buddy lands in Canada, where he finally sets down roots in the hopes of finding a place for himself. The idealized “home” inscribed deep in his heart through the stories of his childhood is not the one he makes for himself in Southern Ontario. A drifter’s past and the scrappy lifestyle that accompanied it leads him off course, and he falls into self-destructive behaviour. His wife Meg and his four children can’t restore something he lost long ago, and until he seeks his own personal redemption Buddy can not find a sense of belonging. Home is not where he thought it would be.

Praise for The Way to Go Home:

"A recommended read for those that enjoy time-shifting stories full of adventures, escapades, family and the realities of growing up— and growing old." - James Fisher

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